The 2020 Practice Schedule

Evening practices 5/25 - 6/16, Monday - Thursday
Morning Practices are Monday - Friday, starting 6/17

Evening Practices

No 6 & Unders and no swimmers who require in-water assistance at Evening Practice
6:00-6:20BeginnersAll 7-8 year-old swimmers and anybody new to IHSC
6:20-6:45IntermediateReturning IHSC who are capable of swimming a legal 100 IM
6:45-7:30AdvancedReturning IHSC who have a legal 100 IM time

Morning Practices

Subject to Change based on group sizes!
8:00-8:30Stroke ClinicIndividual and small group stroke work
8:30-8:50CriasSwimmers who are not yet ready to do full lengths of the pool
8:30-9:15BeginnersSwimmers who are not yet legal in all 4 strokes
9:15-10:00IntermediateMUST DEMONSTRATE A LEGAL 100 IM
10:00-10:45AdvancedIM legal and can swim a continuous 200 yards free with flip turns

What To Know About IHSC Practice

Swimming does not require a lot of equipment, but here are some things to consider
Of course, you will need a swimsuit, ideally a racing suit. Team suits are optional, but per GASL rules, swimmers may not compete in suits that have another team’s logo on them. Goggles are strongly recommended. They protect the swimmer’s eyes and help the swimmer judge the distance to the wall for turns and finishes. Fit is critical, so check with a coach if you have any questions. Caps are optional, but recommended. Swimmers will stay warmer with caps on. Caps with another team's logo are not allowed in championship meets. Water bottles are a great idea, as swimmers can become dehydrated without realizing it. Sunscreen! Wear it to practice, bring it to re-apply as needed.
Practice Format
Practices start with a warm-up swim. Most practices will continue with a combination of drills and swims, some start-turn-or-finish work, and relays to build aerobic capacity and develop team spirit. Occasionally we will substitute other forms of workout, particularly early in the season and before or after meets. There will be no practice the day of a meet.
Which practice should an older swimmer who is a beginner attend? What about a very young swimmer who is very capable?
It's always tricky to find the right balance for every swimmer, and every year is different. See the Head Coach as early as possible in the season. Then reassure your child that we will continue to work toward the right fit for them.