About IHSC

Indian Hills Swim Club (IHSC) is a summer swim team in the B Division of the Greater Annapolis Swim League (GASL).

The other teams in our division are Ulmstead, Cape St Claire, Harting Farm, and Evergreen. The league operates within the guidelines, rules and regulations of USA Swimming except as specified in the Greater Annapolis Swim Club Standing Rules

Our team is made up of IHGE residents, their extended family members, and friends as space allows. Swimmers are ready to join when they will readily enter the water with a coach - sometimes as early as age 3. We welcome swimmers of all levels of experience. It is a community swim team - a great place to make friends and lasting summer memories. Every year we get beginning swimmers of all ages - from elementary school through high-school age - who want to have fun with their friends and learn to compete.

Water Llama

French Toast Fridays

French Toast Fridays are every Friday morning practice before meets. Parent-volunteers serve French toast, juice and watermelon after each of the three practices. Coach Sandy Avery remembered having French Toast on Fridays with her swim team. Virginia Owens, a past IHSC President, decided to treat IHSC swimmers to French Toast one Friday and it became a tradition. Leigh Goetzke figured out a French Toast recipe for 100 people, and served it up that first season and was awarded a Ruby Spatula. Current record for most French Toast consumed in one seating? Back in 2011 Patrick Andreoli ate 17 pieces and washed it down with watermelon and juice.

Ring Pop Challenge

Coach Kate VanSchaik accidentally started the Ring Pop Challenge in 2011 when she challenged a couple of swimmers to complete a 200 IM legally in practice. Those who were able to do it were awarded a Ring Pop. Pretty soon just about everybody wanted to try. We modified the distance for the littlest swimmers, and increased it for our older swimmers.
In 2014 Coach Kristen challenged swimmers to hold a plank, and in 2015 Coach Olivia had everybody Hula Hoop. Stay tuned for more . . .!

Stroke Clinics

Stroke Clinics are the IHSC "secret weapon." From 8:00am - 8:30am before morning practices, IHSC swimmers can get help one-on-one or in small groups. The cost is $5 per 30 minute session. The coaches assign lanes and helpers based on the swimmer's ability and interest. We will try to accommodate as many swimmers as possible each morning, but it is first-come, first served and we cannot take more swimmers once lessons begin, so come early. If you want dedicated stroke work with the coach or helper of your choice you can speak to them directly about after-practice lessons.


IMPORTANCE OF PARENTAL SUPERVISION OF YOUNG SWIMMERS BEFORE DURING AND AFTER PRACTICE. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about one in five people who die from drowning are children 14 and younger. For every child who dies from drowning, another five receive emergency department care for nonfatal submersion injuries. According to the CDC, the chief factor is lack of parental supervision, “even in the presence of lifeguards”. Young children must be supervised closely by a parent or other responsible person during every practice, meet or social event.